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Outdated Medical Instruments You Won’t Believe They Used on People…

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We’ve got it good in 2016.

We live in an increasingly wondrous day and age for technology and medical advancements.

Through science, we know so much about the human body, how it works, and how to treat and cure myriad diseases. Even through social progress and psychology we’ve become more compassionate towards those who were once deemed “insane” or “abnormal.”

The amazing discovery of penicillin made a lot of invasive archaic procedures obsolete, but it’s definitely still cringeworthy to think about the tools that they used to use on humans. Especially since the anesthetics they used weren’t exactly safe or–in some cases– effective. Get ready to shudder at these menacing-looking instruments that were borderline torture.

Anatomical theatre



Count your lucky stars you didn’t live back then.

Stricture divulsor

Stricture divulsor

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While it looks unassuming, this metal device will make every man recoil. Back in the day, before antibiotics and effective condoms, sexually transmitted infections were rampant. Some STDs made a person’s urethra too narrow for proper urine flow. This tool was inserted into the hole of the penis. A screw would be turned and the blades spread apart to dilate the urethra as far as possible. Sometimes the man would do this himself. Drawing blood was seen as a positive.

Tonsil guillotine



In the late 1800s, tonsillitis could have been life threatening. When doctors tried to extract the tonsils, patients would unconsciously bite down on the physician’s hands. So this menacing tool was created. It was shoved down your throat to quickly and effectively slice off your tonsils as fast as possible–and very painfully.