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Painkillers Now Kill More People Than Any Other Drug in America

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Drugs have been and remain a very real threat to the American public…

…only it’s not the drugs you may be thinking of.

When you hear people talk about a “drug epidemic,” you might think of heroin, meth, or other notoriously dangerous and addictive hard drugs. But realistically, these should be the least of our concerns.

The real killer is one perhaps you’ve taken at one point or take regularly. The real killer lurks in your medicine cabinet, bedside table, or even in your purse or briefcase. The real killer is so common that you don’t even think twice before considering just how dangerous and lethal it really is. The culprit? Painkillers.

Since the 1990s, opioid painkillers have been behind a startling epidemic that’s been largely covered up by big pharma, even as thousands of Americans die or watch their lives fall apart each year.

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These are the troubling statistics on how painkillers haven’t helped but instead crippled so many in our society.

One of the biggest causes of the sharp incline in addiction since the ’90s was the push for doctors to treat chronic pain more seriously.

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In the 1990s, some 100 million Americans suffered from crippling chronic pain, so lobbyists and government groups alike advocated for doctors to prescribe more medicine to help treat them.

Doctors turned to opioid painkillers, painful drugs that dull the nervous system to prevent pain receptors in the brain from thinking the body was in pain.

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These opioid painkillers were pushed heavily and often from big pharma, who claimed that they were safer than other available painkillers on the market.