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Painkillers Now Kill More People Than Any Other Drug in America

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However, these pharmaceutical companies were largely mistaken regarding the versatility and safety of opioid painkillers, but the major damage had already been done. How major? By 2012, US doctors had filled 259 million opioid prescriptions.

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That roughly translates to a bottle of pills for every adult in America. Within years, regular users from all walks of life became hooked on the drugs, often caught off guard as their lives fell apart.

Even as doctors began cutting back prescriptions, the problem worsened. Lack of legal opioids had users turning to harder drugs.

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Source: YouTube @Vox

People addicted to painkillers are 40 times as likely to become addicted to heroin. In 2014 alone, more than 10,000 people died of heroin overdoses. In that same year, 40% of all overdose deaths were caused by opioids.

Now that advocacy groups and the Federal Government are working towards finding solutions and treatment for opioid addictions and addicts, medical professionals are looking for a safer replacement that can still help treat chronic pain.

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