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Parents Are Hilariously Freezing Their Elf on the Shelf and Blaming You Know Who

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Best Holiday #ParentingFail Ever

elf on the shelf VS elsa

Source: Twitter @CaraPrudhomme

When fictional worlds collide things get really exciting. This holiday season parents are taking the ever-popular, ever-present Elf on the Shelf to new heights by adding a new element to the elf’s narrative — they’re tossing in your favorite Disney character Elsa from “Frozen.”

Apparently the popular princess isn’t too keen on the police-state qualities that Elf on the Shelf represents, so she’s been freezing him in massive blocks of ice, much to the dismay of tearful children everywhere. Hey, at least he doesn’t know when you’re naughty or nice now, right?

Check out these hilarious examples of Elsa’s powers that we found posted on the net. Well done parents!

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Just “Let It Go” Elfie

elf on the shelf VS elsa

Source: Twitter @MrsSheetsandCo

At least this one can breath.

Disney Always Comes Out On Top

elf on the shelf VS elsa

Source: Twitter @AngelaHesse

Only slightly terrifying for a 5-year-old.