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Parents Offended by 'Namaste' in School

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Is saying “namaste” going too far for public schools?

Feigning attacks on personal freedoms seem to be all the rage these days across the United States, and everybody is eager to be a victim.

From not wanting to offend anybody, to always having to choose the exactly right words, to not being able to impress our personal beliefs upon others, political correctness has gone very far, and it keeps going further. But where will it stop, and when is enough enough?

In our efforts to be a thoughtful, careful, and socially-conscious nation, we’ve unfortunately given way to taking even harmless gestures as affronts to our identity and integrity.

This latest news story from a small town in Georgia will have you questioning when does freedom of religion become an excuse to be close-minded?

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Just when you thought America embraced its multicultural background…

Freedom of religion works both ways, also meaning freedom from religion.

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That being said, people are protected both in observing and practicing a religion, but also in not having to observe the religions or beliefs of others. Several states were founded by religious groups seeking freedom from persecution, and the history and identity of the United States are steeped in Christian rhetoric.

When administrators at Bullard Elementary School in Kennesaw, Georgia started a mindfulness program for students, they never intended for it to offend anyone.

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In fact, the school introduced yoga as a relaxing way to help calm down students and lowers their stress levels– and probably the teachers’ as well!