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People Admit What They Didn’t Know About Their Partners Until AFTER They Were Already Married

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Saying ‘I Do’ to a Stranger

Isn’t it great meeting people, making new friends, starting a relationship, and falling in love?

Dating allows us to intimately learn about a select group of people in our lives, share secrets and spend moments that bring us closer than we are even with our closest friends. Getting to know someone so well is one of the most special joys of life, and falling in love often comes most from discovering this other individual with whom we can share our thoughts and passions.

How well do you know your significant other? What about your husband or wife? Do you think you know them backwards and forwards?

Well these people sure didn’t.

Redditors were asked what they didn’t learn about their partners until after marriage, and it will have you second guessing how well you know SO!

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“I do”… not know you.

My One* and Only Love

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That she had been married 6 other times. (yes, that’s a six). She said, “Only two counted because they lasted more than a year”. I thought I was denied some critical need to know information. (Pb_Foot)

Where No Wife Has Gone Before

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A few years ago, after about 15 years as a couple, 7 years of marriage and one child together, I accidentally found out that my husband is a huge Star Trek fan. I walked into our bedroom one day and he quickly changed the tv station, so naturally I asked what he was watching. He reluctantly confessed, and was obviously very embarrassed to have to tell me that he watches Star Trek all the time when he is alone. I find it hilarious that he was so embarrass about that after all those years. To this day he won’t watch the tv show or older movies with me; he says I ask too many questions. (2babybirdies)