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People Admit What They Didn’t Know About Their Partners Until AFTER They Were Already Married

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Ghosts From the Past

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I didn’t learn this until after 17 years of marriage. My wife passed away. At the funeral I met her ex-husband, her 22 year old son who she hadn’t seen for 19 years, and her other 20 year old son who she gave up for adoption (from a different father).

I never knew any of them existed until the night before the funeral when her best friend asked if I minded if they came.

Yes, it was awkward. She never had spoken of them. The closest she came to admitting it was when we were dating and she said, “don’t believe a word my sister says, she tells everyone that I’m divorced and had two kids.”

17 years later I found out that was the truth.

Edit: Obligatory “C**p this blew up!”

She had died suddenly, so I was in shock at the funeral, and a) didn’t want to be a d**k and not let them pay their respects, and b) I wasn’t really in a clear mind that day and just said, “Sure, and Hi, sorry to meet like this.”

We dated for two years before getting married, and I only met her mom and sister. Her parent’s had been divorced after her dad beat her, so I never met him. Her sister was on probation for embezzlement AND was a huge liar. (That’s for another time) Her mom passed away after we got married, and her sister ended up going to prison, so no, we never interacted with any other of her family.

We were married ten years, before we had a daughter and at no time with the doctor (in my presence) did she indicate that she had been through any of this before.

Needless to say, I have trust issues now, although I haven’t been in any other relationships yet. My daughter was young when my wife passed, so I didn’t tell her any of this now, but I will when she gets older and is capable of understanding.

And yes, I’m doing fine. I was angry with my wife on many levels when she passed, but she left me with a beautiful daughter that made up for everything else. And I’m doing okay now. (OrdinaryJose)

The Music in My Heart

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After being married for almost 4 years I learned my wife can play guitar, like incredibly well. She saw an acoustic at the flea market 2 weeks ago and she just picked it up and started playing. My jaw f**king dropped. I bought it for her and now she is teaching me how to play.

Let My Love Open the Door

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That she doesn’t close any doors!
Getting a glass for a drink? Door stays open!
Getting silverware? Drawer stays open!
Taking a s**t? Door stays open!
Its 4am and you are getting ready for work. What’s that??
CLOSE S**T. (Cambridge_)