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People Confess the Reason Why They Cheated

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Something More

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FakeBecauseWife: I am a frequent cheater on my wife with escorts. I am sexually adventurous, my wife isn’t. I rationalize it as getting from them what my wife can’t or isn’t willing to do. I rationalize that I’m not loving any of these women, I’m just using them for a service. I realize I’m a terrible person.

The Rush

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derpajerp: Cheating is one of the greatest adrenaline rushes one could ever have. I cheated often, and I wasn’t too bad at it. It all comes down to ego. You even begin to enjoy the lies. There are people that fuck up and cheat. One time; I was stupid and feel terrible. Then it stops. That happens. But then you have people that have a fetish for it.

When the Physical Literally Isn’t There

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soulpush: basically, we’ve been together for 12 years, almost 13 (yes, still “girlfriend”) […] Anyway, she has Müllerian Agenesis, or MRKH syndrome, which means she doesn’t have a utterus and also suffers from a degree of vaginal hypoplasia. In a few words, it is physicaly impossible for us to have sex until she gets a reconstructive surgery.

We started dating very young, plus she needed to grow up in order to get the surgery. Life happened and here we are 12 years later still not having sex. Obviously (and unfortunately, because I really love her), I was not able to hold on for that long and ended up cheating. The longest I spent without sex was 4 years.

It is not like I start a relationship on the side, it is always just sex; plus, I don’t do it very often, but I have done it on multiple occasions during the 12 years. Like Anastik said, it does feel good while it is happening, but the drive home and the next few days you can barely look at yourself in the mirror. At some point […] my girlfriend found out. Being the amazing woman she is, she forgave me. After that I really did try to stop, but after almost two more years, I just could not do it.
I love my girlfriend and I have no intention of leaving her. Also, and I know it is going to sound like complete bullshit, once she has the surgery and we are able to do it I will stop.