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People Dish on What Weird Things They Found Out Their S.O. Does

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It’s a big step moving in together. It’s a bigger step getting over their weird habits.

It’s that time: you’re finally ready to take the plunge and move on in with the person you’re in love with. Living together can be the best thing and really solidify the relationship. Or it can be the death blow if you just can’t get along with their weird habits and crazy idiosyncrasies.

These Redditors were very surprised to learn all this new stuff about the person that they thought they knew so well. Could you put up with someone who sucked on their food or farted constantly? Read what they did about it next.


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These people were really weirded out when they caught their mate in the act.

The Little Things

woman hoarder in kitchen

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My wife has never closed a cabinet door or a drawer ever in her life. Our kitchen always looks like something out of Poltergeist, except it’s not paranormal, it’s just annoying. (RecordProducerSwan)

Doggy Love

walked in on wide eyed dog


How much she lets her dogs lick her all over. Maybe I’m the weird one, but I would not want those little chihuahua tongues anywhere near my face. She lets them practically eat her face. It’s bad when we try to get freaky and they want in on the action. It isn’t abnormal for me to grab a dog and move it to the end of the bed mid thrust. (BMLM)