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People Explain What It’s Like to Be in a Coma

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The Voice in Our Head

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I was in a coma for a week after surgery. To me it was instant. The odd part. My mom talked to me while I was in the coma and I remember the things she said. She talked about raising me, the funny things I did, etc.

When my mom passed away in 2007, she fell asleep first. We knew she wouldn’t wake up again. So I talked to her about how amazing she was as a mom. I talked for hours until she took her last breath. I hope she heard me. I wasn’t always a good son. (MrEconomics)

Waking Up Violent

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I was in a coma for four or five days. I woke up two days into it and pulled out my vent and feeding tube and punched a nurse. I don’t remember that at all. Then when I came out again I was in the process of trying to punch a different nurse. Then I realized where I was and calmed down. Last thing I remember was getting put onto a helicopter. Then I woke up. No in between. (TacosArePeopleToo)

Working After Waking

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8 Days, felt like 10 minutes of sleep. No dreaming here. i thought id get up and walk around but it took me a good 4-5 days for my legs to start working like normal again, and yes very groggy (josh31867)