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People Mocking Famous People’s Photos Are Winning the Internet

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Ever Wish You Were a Celebrity?

In this age of social media, celebrities have gone from being untouchable deities in the Hollywood Hills to everyday, run-of-the-mill names and faces that we read about in the morning papers and bring into our homes each night via reality shows, gossip news, and Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

What once was sculpted by talent and maintained by hard work has turned into a circus of shamelessness and carefully manicured branding; celebrities fight to stay relevant at all times and by all costs, quite literally baring all for the world to see and consume.

Celebrity social media accounts keep these larger-than-life personalities present around the clock, and some of the most talked-about posts and photos often turn into trending news.

Funny lady Celeste Barber decided to dedicate her time to recreating famous celebrity Instagram and social media posts, but her blasé and human error bring out the reality that most of us see in the mirror since we’re not equipped with a full team of trainers, makeup artists, and stylists. We love her unapologetic sense of humor that brings out the inherent farce present in so many celebs’ public personas.

pictures intro

Source: Instagram @celestebarber

See the very best of her hilarious impressions here!

Bend it like Beckham

pictures 13 victoria beckham

Source: Instagram @celestebarber

Celeste can kick it like Victoria Beckham.

Boobs, butt, balls

pictures 3 amber rose

Source: Instagram @celestebarber

Does Celeste have what Amber Rose has?