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People Share the Craziest Things They’ve Ever Seen on the Subway

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And another hundred people just got off of the train…

Public transportation may be the most convenient thing for your commute or the bane of your workday existence.

Whether by car, or bus, or train — not to mention walking, ferrying, or even flying — the subway or underground metro system is one of the most popular forms of mass transportation in the world. New York City alone saw over 1.75 billion subway riders in 2014, and Beijing — the city with the highest reported ridership — saw figures of over 3.4 billion.

Naturally, with all of those people crammed into that tiny little space, riders are bound to experience all sorts of situations, from the most uplifting to the most dehumanizing, and everything in between. These subway riders from around the world took to Reddit to report the strangest or craziest things they’ve ever seen on the metro, and let’s just say things get pretty wild.

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Do you have a story that can top these?

Free Chinese

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