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People Share the Most WTF Moment From Their Childhood

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What Was That All About?

Do you ever look back and ask yourself, ‘What just happened?’

Kierkegaard once said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Sometimes, that understanding doesn’t come for years or even decades later, whether we finally take the time to sit and question a past even or if something in our day to day lives suddenly forces us to recall a moment from long ago.

Understanding our past, present, and even future is all a part of growing up, and, for some people, this can come with some unpleasant realizations as to things that happened to them in their childhood.

From moments of pain and sadness to moments of complete bewilderment, people share the most WTF moments from their childhood that they didn’t fully understand until later in life, and let’s just say things get weird!

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What was the weirdest moment of your childhood?

I Had an Itch

wtf moments lice or crabs

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When I was 5 we had a lice check at school and it turned out I had lice. I was sent home and quarantined. All of my bedding and stuffed animals were thrown away and I couldn’t be around anyone. Every morning and night my mother had to use tweezers to pull them and their eggs out of my eyebrows and eyelashes. After about a week of this, a stranger showed up at my house and took me into the living room alone. She showed me a girl and boy doll and started asking me really weird questions about private parts and touching. I was 100% confused.

Turns out I had crabs. Since they typically live in pubic hair and I didn’t have any, they decided to live in my eyelashes. My mom thought I’d been molested. In reality, the babysitter had banged her boyfriend on a couch (at a different house) that I then took a nap on.

I want to add that I didn’t know the truth until I was about 25. My niece got lice and I was surprised they weren’t in her eyelashes. My mother told me what had really happened and I’m still mortified. (settlers_of_dunshire)

The Power of ‘No’

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Around 9-10, riding my bike through the neighborhood. Was about to ride up into my driveway when this guy pulls over next to my bike and waves me over. Asks me if I want a ride. I say no, my house is right there. “You sure? We could throw your bike in the trunk if you’re worried about it”. Very insistent. Nope, just walked the 20 ft to my front door. 20 years later, and I still wonder if that was just a nice old guy or someone with some sketchy motives. Idk (AerospacingOut)