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People Using Flavored Lube as an Ice Cream Topping Is Really a Thing

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You definitely won’t find this at Dairy Queen…

What’s your favorite type of ice cream? Rocky road? Pistachio? Neapolitan? And what about toppings, the virtually endless choices of how to make your dessert truly special?

Well, for those of you who aren’t vanilla, there’s a new topping choice taking the internet by storm, and it’s not something you’d typically find in the kitchen. In fact, it rarely leaves the bedroom. What could this secretive and tasty concoction be? Lube.

Following some questionable customer reviews on Amazon, a huge history of people eating flavored lube as an ice cream topping now has us all wondering: what would you eat?

lube intro

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You may put this stuff in a lot of places, but is your ice cream one of them?

People started noticing something odd about Amazon customer reviews for Durex’s strawberry-flavored lubricant.

lube 1

Source: Amazon/ Storyful

Whether or not these were just a bunch of trolls having fun, reviews calling the lube an “excellent sandwich spread” or a convincing replacement for strawberry jam made curious Redditors start to wonder: are people really eating this stuff?

As it turns out, there was an entire lube and ice cream promotion a few years ago in the UK thanks to the sex toy company Ann Summers.

lube 2

Source: Twitter @FranRood

Armed with the tongue-in-cheek catchphrase “Come and see us if you fancy a mouthful,” Ann Summers had specially-made ice cream trucks drive around the UK giving away free ice cream to patrons bold enough to eat the special topping: flavored lube.