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People Using Flavored Lube as an Ice Cream Topping Is Really a Thing

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On Durex’s website, the “sugar-free” flavored lube is described as “safe to consume” but “best kept away from children.”

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And Durex isn’t the only brand promoting mixing lube with dessert…

System JO also has ad campaigns encouraging customers to spice up more than just their sex life by adding lubricant to their ice cream, such as with this mint chip “recipe.”

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Would you eat this?

The real kicker was a story on the original Reddit thread where a man revealed the truth about what Ann Summer started when they introduced the lube and ice cream “fad”…

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According to the story, the Redditor’s sister worked for Ann Summers and would host garden parties for a split of the profit. “Lots of women, coming together to drink wine and look at sex toys/sexy nurses outfits and whatnot. Brilliant right? Aside from my sister being there of course, a room full of tipsy women looking at sex toys! Perfect! No. No.If white trash had a personification, it would be these people [….]

“One of these women would buy strawberry, chocolate and vanilla lubricants in stashes, I mean she’d spend £100 or more on them per ‘party’, and use them on ice-cream for her kids as flavouring. Now here’s my favourite part: She claims that the kids wouldn’t eat the ‘normal’ stuff you get at places like Pizza hut, simply because it didn’t taste as good as ‘Mummy’s special sauce.'”