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People Were Asked to Invent Trump TV Shows and This Is What They Came Up With

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After The Apprentice

Today, when people think of Donald Trump, they think of the loud orange man running for president of the United States.

But there was a time when most people associated Donald Trump with nothing more than his skin tone, hairdo, wealthy background, and entertaining personality on The Apprentice, the TV show that Trump hosted from 2004 to 2015.

Famous for its catchphrase “You’re fired!” and the ultimate prize of running one of Trump’s companies, the show enjoyed major (and then moderate) success for its first several seasons, simultaneously boosting Trump’s popularity in pop culture and the American conscience.

While Trump has left the show behind in pursuit of the Oval Office, it’s doubtful that his TV career is over for good, so just in case he decides to return to the small screen, people have already thought of some hilarious Trump-themed programming for him to come back to.

donald trump tv show little hands

Source: Twitter @shawnlsn

Which of these would you watch?

All My Children Are Anchor Babies

donald trump tv show all my children

Source: Twitter @skookerG/ Snopes

How I Met My Daughter

donald trump tv show how i met your mother

Source: Twitter @DeirdraLoo