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People Who Have Faced Death and Lived, What Was Going Through Your Mind at That Moment?

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Defeating Death

Life can be scary, especially when it almost ends.

And yet every day, somewhere in the world, chances are that somebody is narrowly avoiding an accident, overcoming a dreadful disease, or simply making a choice that saves their life in one form or another.

Have you ever thought it was the end? Whether from a long battle with illness or a sudden and unexpected event, seeing your life flash before your eyes can be terrifying, but you come out all the stronger because of the experience.

Redditors who were 100% they were about to die but survived were asked to share their stories, and we couldn’t help but pass them on to you.

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Here’s what they had to say!

Held up at Gunpoint

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When I was in college, I got held up at gun point at [the bookstore] of all places. I wasn’t scared of dying. I just remember thinking that I hoped it wouldn’t be hard to find my body. I didn’t want my parents to be put through that. They ended up letting me go when a few other people came out of the store and called the cops. I told my Dad once about the thoughts I had in those 5 minutes; he teared up and told me to never tell my Mom. (ericalw)

Nacho Time to Die

nachos with cheese


I actually fell 20 feet at one point through a shoddy football stadium onto concrete. I basically slipped on nachos and went through an opening. Nowadays I know that people can survive that, but in my head as I was falling, everything was in slow motion and I thought “Man… This is a really stupid way to die” (baconbitarded)