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People Who Have Faced Death and Lived, What Was Going Through Your Mind at That Moment?

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Up in the Air

airplane flying clouds


I was ten minutes into a three-hour flight and seated in the back row next to the toilet. There was a huge bang, the lights in the cabin flickered and dimmed, the plane wobbled hard in the air, I could smell smoke instantly, and a near-deafening bad engine sound started up. I looked over at the flight attendant who was still strapped to the fold-down seat right next to me. She has a look of pure terror on her face. That’s when I knew I was going to die.

I was profoundly pissed off. I thought ‘F**k – this is how I go – now?!’ I thought about all of the c**p I made it through in life and really regretted that I wouldn’t get to continue that progress. I was mad that I was going to die when travelling for work. I thought about trying to text the people I love, but didn’t want to mess with the navigation systems of the plane in case there was some way we could survive.

We had lost an engine because we struck a goose. The plane turned around and returned to the airport easily and safely, as we still had three of four engines. (graxley2000)

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

tokyo metro station


I was in Tokyo on the metro, in a long tunnel. My phone and everyone else’s phone in the car went off at full volume; it was the earthquake warning system.


There wasn’t any time. The train bounded forward, suddenly at full power, apparently in an effort to escape the tunnel and give us a sliver of hope. No one in the car said a word. I thought “Huh. this is really going to be something.” I knew that even if I survived the initial shock, I’d be trapped in a tunnel. If we’d gotten out, I’d die eventually anyway just by being surrounded by flooded, razed megacity.

It was a false alarm. The system had never misfired before that day. A 9.1 earthquake under Tokyo Bay would have decimated the city first and then washed away the loose ends with a series of aftershocks and Tsunamis. (Lumpiest_Princess)

Good-as-Dead Samaritan

lifeguard stories water ghost hand in water

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“Man I’m so stupid”

Trying to save a drowning woman. She was big and panicking so she was pushing me down trying to keep herself above water. After struggling for quite a while I started to go under the water. All I thought about was my three young kids at home aren’t going to have a dad and I feel so foolish trying to save this lady. Weirdest feeling. I swam to the surface and we made one last push for the shore. Someone caught us halfway back, we both made it and I laid on the shore and vomited. (scherz)