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People Who Ignored the ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ Warning, What Did You Do?

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I’ll never forget the one time when I was quite young and so rebelliously ripped the tag off a mattress, despite its clear warning not to do so. Immediately afterwards, I was gripped by a sense of fear that I would indeed face some legal repercussion. Years later, here I am, fully aware that breaking the rules doesn’t always hold any consequences.

What is so enticing about disobeying? Be it a parent, teacher, or a warning label on something lying around your house, there is something in our nature that inspires us to break rules even when it’s against our better judgement.

Whether deliberately ignoring a “Don’t try this at home” warning or just plain being stupid, we’ve all had our fair share of foolish encounters from time to time, but luckily most of us are still around to tell the tale. Redditors were asked to share what happened when they left common sense behind and broke the rules, and these stories might remind you a bit of your own childhood!

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Are rules really meant to be broken?

Mary Poppins?

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When I was like 10 I jumped off my ~15ft deck with an umbrella…..Yea, don’t try that. (VivaLaSea)

Fore (and Aft)

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Me and my friend decided to golf off eachother when we were around 14. The initial idea was to drive off the tee that was in our mouth, but common sense kicked in and we decided against it. But still wanting to go through with it, we decided to do it… with our butt cheeks cringe.

I went first as the hitter, and it went way better than I expected. I lined that s**t up and drove it as far as I could, while still caring for my friends buttox safety. Not a scratch on him so I was ready to be hit off. I laid down on my stomach and put the tee in place, and my friend lined his shot up once and goes all in for his swing. He follows through and puts the driver right into my ass cheeks, and at that moment it felt like every thing I once knew was wrong. And my ass was f**king hurting like hell, but that’s besides the point. Listen to the advisory kids. (YesImChill)