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People Who Ignored the ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ Warning, What Did You Do?

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A Potato Flew Around My Room

pvc pipe with lid


I tried to make a potato launcher out of PVC pipe, one summer day. The guy on the YouTube video said not to try it at home without adult supervision, but of course at the ripe age of fifteen I wasn’t about to let that stop me.

So I went to the garage on gathered all of the required materials (my parents probably wouldn’t notice a bunch of PVC and their sack of potatoes was missing anyways), and proceeded to build my masterpiece.

I figured that just having it shoot straight would be kinda lame, so I decided to pseudo-mod it by cutting a slit into the edge of the PVC cap to act as a sort of scope. Thing is, I forgot to shave off the ends that were stuck on the ‘barrel’ and proceeded to fire off my first round.

I ended up getting potato bits everywhere in my garage and almost cut my arm open on a flying piece of PVC.

Remember kids, do not try this at home is a valid warning. (reughdurghem)


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My friends and I recently used our pool skimmer to have a pole vaulting tournament as seen on a Nationwide commercial. The fact that the idea came from an insurance commercial should have been enough to deter us. Ended up vaulting all the way to the far end of the pool and smashed my feet into the wall. Besides my two sprained ankles, everyone else was fine. Pool skimmer worked really well as a pole. EDIT: A pear ant Lee it was actually United Healthcare, which doesn’t help our case much (davis_).

What Could Go Wrong?

c02 cartridges


My brother an I got the bright idea to see what happens if you put one of the Co2 cartridges used for BB guns into a fire place.

Long story short the resulting explosion filled most of the main floor of the house will flying chunks of burning wood. Mom was not amused. (DDiggler321)

Mom was the next pressurized thing about to explode. (canarchist)