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People Who Ignored the ‘Don’t Try This at Home’ Warning, What Did You Do?

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Dad Takes One for the Team

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Dry ice and a little bit of water in a plastic bottle. Bad idea. Bottle expanded but did not explode. We basically had an armed bomb laying on a soccer field next to a playground. We had to make it explode somehow so my dad took a long stick and hit it a couple of times. The bottle finally exploded and my dad heard ringing in his ears for about a year. We did not find any traces of the bottle. (thuuvan)


eggs will combust warning microwave

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Friends and I were putting stuff in the microwave. Eggs not only explode, but they’re hot as f***ing napalm. (Holdin_McGroin)

Tick Tick BOOM

campfire with shutter


Not sure there’s ever been a ‘don’t try this at home’ warning for this particular thing, but it certainly qualifies as something stupid. Now to set the scene, a bunch of mates and I go camping every year. It’s a pretty awesome weekend and we get up to all sorts of stuff. Well this year, in our drunken wisdom, we decided to shake the s*** out of a can of beer, bury it and then build the fire pit on top. Don’t ask me why, we’re f***ing idiots or something. So cut to a few hours later, we’ve all completely forgotten about our little time-bomb ticking away, all sat around having a good time when the mother of all explosions takes place. We’d had the campfire down to a bed of coals for cooking (thankfully) so that when the can went off, it only launched dirt, ash and coal around as opposed to what would have happened had we built it up roaring like usual. For about ten seconds afterwards (felt like a lot longer) I’m sitting on my arse dazed and confused, looking around, ears ringing as ash and dust gently tumbles down into the campsite. Felt like a scene out of a war movie. No-one was injured and we all have a pretty awesome story to tell now. Still would not recommend anyone tries it at home, though someone most likely will. (That_One_Aussie)