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Perfectly Timed Pokemon Go Screenshots

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Pokémon GO is taking over the world. In case you live under a rock or refuse to jump on the bandwagon, the app is the newest Pokémon game released that combines both the imaginative Pokémon World with reality. It allows you to explore cities while trying to catch and battle the wild creatures. Because this game integrates the real world (through your camera phone), it’s easy to snap pictures of nearby Pokémon in strange, funny, and ironic places. Here are our favorites so far.

Eggsecute with other ingredients

Credit: Reddit/Anakin1993

Check Out These Pokémon!

Not A Great Sign

Pokemon Go Screen shot ghastly

Credit: Imgur

I’d make a joke, but it’d just be ghastly.

Koffing Up Hookah

Koffing in vape shop

Source: Twitter @AthenaTheJackal

We get it, you vape.