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‘Petsercise’: The New Workout Trend You Can Do with Your Four-Legged Friends

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He’s a Natural at the Downward-Facing Dog.

Think you’re not getting enough exercise, but don’t feel like spending the time or money to join a gym? Now there’s a perfect solution to get healthy at home and, as an added bonus, Fido gets to work out with you.

petsercise louis smith intro

Source: Twitter @MaryLNaylor

Introducing Petsercise. Silver medal-winning British gymnast Louis Smith teamed up with the More Th>n insurance company to bring us the first-ever workout for humans and their pets (specifically dogs). Sure, it might just be a stunt, but these exercises were specially designed by trainers and vets to keep you and your four-legged friends active and in shape, a convenient alternative to a walk on rainy or cold days.

If Smith’s hunky physique and debonair accent isn’t enough to make you at least watch the exercise video, seeing how cute he is with these two adorable and well-behaved dogs should convince you to give petsercise a try.

See which of these easy exercises you want to try at home!

Exercise 1: Figure 8

petsercise louis smith 1

Source: YouTube/ morethan

Start with the basics. Maintaining good posture while getting your dog to run through your legs in a figure eight is a great way to give your pup some cardio while working on your core.

Exercise 2: Squat Toss

petsercise louis smith 2

Source: YouTube/ morethan

Tone up those legs! Basically, this is a run of the mill game of fetch, only you’re working harder than your dog. Keep those feet flat and back straight!