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Photographer Captures Candid Love In Public Places

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PDL: Public Display Of Love

Love is beautiful when it’s bold, when it walks around in public as if inside a tiny bubble, oblivious to the world’s turning, uncorrupted by hectic mundanity of everyday life.

French photographer Mikaël Theimer is able to capture the moments when time freezes and a couple’s investment in one another is at one hundred percent. Their love shines through his work because each of Theimer’s subjects are caught unaware. “All the pictures in this series are pure street photography,” Theimer tells Consumed. “It’s about capturing moments without interfering.”

couple in love in public

Credit: Mikaël Theimer

Theimer, who left the corporate world to pursue photography after he was inspired by the well-known “Humans Of New York” series, always keeps his camera at his side. So when he sees true love about to go down, he’s ready to snap the moment.

“Sometimes I’ll go talk to them afterwards, to show them the picture and ask if they’d like to have it,” adds Theimer.

Theimer shares his work with the world to pay forward all the love he’s given from his subjects. “I like to focus on the good within the human race, the more you see of it, the more you want to be a part it.”

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When love doesn’t know you’re watching…

Sneaking a kiss on the Montréal tube.

couple in love in public

Credit: Mikaël Theimer

On the edge of the crowd.

couple in love in public

Credit: Mikaël Theimer