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And Now…Nazis Pooping

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Scheisse, these pictures are weird!

One of the worst ways to die definitely has to be while on the toilet.

Though it’s one of the most natural things we do, using the bathroom has become very taboo in western culture over time, largely due to the hygienic and even sexual nature of the action, which demands we take our business somewhere private (hopefully) and even pretend it never happened.

Unfortunately for all these Nazis, we have photo proof. Wait, what?

The internet is a weird place, so when we stumbled upon a gallery of grossly intimate Nazi photography, we knew we had to share it. Today we know to be very careful about what we take pictures of or what we post online since it will probably come back to haunt us, but these nearly-nude Nazis had no idea that one day they’d end up here. And let’s face it, these guys don’t seem so imposing with their hosen down.

The real question, aside from “Why even share these photos?” is why did they take them in the first place? Are Germans known for their scatological humor? Did Nazis have a strange affection for potty jokes? Why the heck would you let a camera anywhere near you while you’re making water or dropping a deuce during the world’s bloodiest war?

Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

nazis pooping gas masks

Source: Imgur @HFentonMudd

There are some things you just don’t learn in history class.

A Poop and a Pipe

nazis pooping pipe smoking

Source: Imgur @HFentonMudd

Guess you had to get in a smoke whenever you could.

Candid Can-era

nazis pooping man in outhouse

Source: Imgur @HFentonMudd

A heavily-guarded dump.