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Pokemon Alert: The World’s Cutest Moth

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I want one as a pet!

Moth’s are a bane to many people’s existence. They fly around your porch light, they eat your clothes and are just all-around pests. However, you may want to reconsider after seeing photos the world’s most stunning example of a moth. Its colors are gorgeous, fluffy, and looks so cute that I want to enlarge it and cuddle with it. Love animals? Then this will make your day!

rosy maple moth 01

Source: Twitter @kaminska_magda

Check out this subspecies of the rosy maple moth

Meet the dryocampa rubicunda, also called the rosy maple moth.

rosy maple moth 02

Source: Twitter @IntisariOnline

This arthropod can be found in the eastern parts of North America.

rosy maple moth 03

Credit: Twitter @madsciencenl