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Police Officers Reveal Stories of Arresting People They Didn’t Think Deserved It

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Heroes or criminals?

Reports of police officers arresting innocent people is all too common in the last few years. Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty (even the police), but sometimes those few bad eggs decide to take in men and women who really didn’t do anything. And sometimes police have to keep order and arrest someone who is technically breaking the law, even if the person is doing the right thing. Anonymous cops took to Reddit to share their stories being forced to arrest the good guys.

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You gotta do what you gotta do…

I’d do the same

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“I had to arrest people when I probably would have behaved the same as them. Example: called to residence, one man beating the shit out of another. Turns out that the aggressor came home to find his 34 year old brother having sex with his 14 year old daughter.”


Good Samaritan

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“Drunk driver with his gf as passenger driving down the freeway get into verbal altercation, driver pulls over, gets out and yanks gf out of car. Starts to beat her pretty severely on the side of freeway. Man driving behind them sees the beating, pulls over behind the fight. Gets out and beats the hell out of the drunk abuser with a pair of brass knuckles. I arrested the drunk driver for DUI and domestic violence etc., but had to arrest the man who intervened for assault with a deadly weapon and possession of an illegal weapon (brass knuckles). I felt bad but had to because you can’t pick and choose what to take action on in a situation like that.

Good news was that the DA dropped all charges on the brass knuckle man due to the circumstances and the fact that he assaulted the man in an effort to help the poor girlfriend. The brass knuckles where what made me have to arrest him in the first place, but the DA dropped that charge as well. I was glad it ended that way.”