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Police Pose As 15-Year-Old On Craigslist. Catch Cop…

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He wasn’t the only one.

When police in Virginia decided to do a sting operation to find child sexual predators in their area, they got results. It turns out there’s no shortage of people who want to have an illicit and downright inappropriate relationship with underaged teens, but authorities and groups across the country work diligently on finding them and putting them where they belong after they commit a crime. No children were hurt in this sting operation, the police used undercover agents, but who knows what these men have already done.

A predator at a computer

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See how police captured this predator.

Setting Up a Sting

Investigating Craigslist

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The police force in Prince William County in Virginia decided to set up a sting operation in which undercover agents posing as teens posted ads to meet people on the site Some men responded to those ads and continued speaking with the agents who they thought were young teens, and they eventually crossed the line and committed crimes by discussing sexual matters or asking to have sex with the teens.

A Cop and a Predator

A predator at a computer

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One man who talked to what he thought was a 15-year-old-girl turned out to be a police officer with the Montgomery County Police Department. 27-year-old Christopher Dunkes has been on the force since 2014.