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Pope Washes Feet of Muslim Migrants as a Gesture of Brotherhood

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The Pope spreads more goodness.

Pope Francis has had a few instances of causing controversy during his papacy, but it’s almost always at the expense of going out of his way to help others. This past week, the Pope went outside of Rome to meet with asylum seekers, where he did one of the most humble gestures possible to show his appreciation for them. The footage will definitely show his true colors.

Source: Screenshot via AP

Source: AP

Watch Pope Francis wash the feet of Muslim migrants.

Pope Francis washes the feet of Muslim migrants

Source: Screenshot via AP

Source: Screenshot via AP

Pope Francis got down on his hands and knees to wash the feet of multiple migrants who came from Mali, Eritrea, Syria, and Pakistan. Each migrant was Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, and Coptic Catholic.

Not everybody thinks the gesture is a good thing.

Source: Screenshot via AP

Source: Screenshot via AP

The images of the Pope washing the feet has caused controversy, as many Catholic have shown skepticism of him embracing a Muslim in such a way, as it follows the Brussels terrorist attack and the anti-immigration sentiment in Europe.