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Popular Foods That Do NOT Grow the Way You Imagined

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Where Does It Come From?

As kids, many of us are educated in the most basic terms as to where popular and often colorful foods come from. Back when the division between fruits and vegetables was simple (thanks a lot, tomatoes), learning about farms and gardens was not only fun but easy.

When we got older, however, we learned that especially in the wide world of plants and food, nothing is black and white. In fact, some of the foods we eat every day aren’t quite what they seem, especially before being harvested.

Would you be able to find coffee in the wild? And where would you go looking for cinnamon?

weird foods artichoke flower

Source: flickr

These popular foods are not what they seem!


weird foods cashews

Source: Abhishek Jacob/ Imgur/ thebasementisourrefuge

Nope, they’re not actually nuts! Cashews are seeds that grow from the bottom of cashew apples, which themselves have pulp that can be used in certain fruit drinks!


weird foods peanuts

Source: Imgur/ thebasementisourrefuge

Don’t let the name fool you: Peanuts aren’t nuts, either! Considered a legume and an oil crop, peanuts flower above ground while the peanut pods we eat grow underground.