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Popular Foods That Do NOT Grow the Way You Imagined

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weird foods pineapples

Source: Imgur/ thebasementisourrefuge

Where did the image of a pineapple tree come from? While many similar fruits grow on trees, pineapples belong to the family of flowering plants called bromeliads.


weird foods vanilla

Source: Imgur/ thebasementisourrefuge

Most of us are probably familiar with vanilla in the form of ice cream or extract, but if you’ve ever spent all your money on actual vanilla pods, the look of this plant might not totally surprise you. Vanilla is actually an orchid vine.


weird foods cinammon

Source: Imgur/ thebasementisourrefuge

Sure, cinnamon sticks look like twigs, but did you know we actually harvest cinnamon from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum or cassia trees?