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Pornhub Is Disgustingly Using This Emoji To Describe Latina Women

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Pornhub Really Pissed People Off This Time

With us being technologically savvy and our lives revolving around texting and emojis, we’re almost not surprised about Pornhub’s unveiling of their new app. Pornhub recently released their new app “Emoji 4 Porn,” which centers around sending viewers porn based on the emojis they text out.

While many avid porn viewers will revel in this newest creation, a lot of people have expressed anger because of the woeful representations of Latinas on the app. Sadly, they have been reduced to a stereotypical dish and this has sparked huge controversy among the Hispanic community.


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See how Pornhub disrespected the entire Latin race with this one emoji on the following pages.

Pornhub’s Biggest Mistake

Source: Pornhub

Source: Pornhub

What baffled many readers was the mere fact that every other ethnicity including Russians, Japanese, Indian, French, British, and Korean were represented by their respected flags, while Latinas were reduced to a taco. Twitter went off because a Mexican dish was used to categorize all Hispanics.

Twitter Responds To The App’s Emojis

Latina Magazine

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Latina Magazine spearheaded the attack against Pornhub by referring to their taco usage as “racist” on Twitter. Many of the emojis are reasonable and are whimsical like the grandma emoji for “Mature” or even the water drops for “Squirting.” The taco emoji was a complete reach and downright offensive.