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Pornography Addict by 12, Hooked on at 15

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Well this is new…

Adolescence is an exciting time for anyone. The transition from being a dependent child to a semi-independent young adult is one of the most influential periods in human development. The changes that occur are both biological/physical and psychological/behavioral. It is the period when you first start examining your relationships with those closest to you, and when you first experiment with your body, alcohol, and drugs.

As exciting as this phase is, the sweeping changes can make or break a child’s future. The teenage brain isn’t fully developed and many don’t have sense of strict sense of discipline. Left unsupervised, the experimenting done during this period can have long lasting impacts… like this UK teen who at just age 15 has a Viagra addiction.

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And we thought Viagra was just for creepy old men…

Risky Business

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Teenagers are at an interesting place in their lives. It’s the age where they begin to experiment with their own bodies and with others. It’s an age when you start to experience crippling self doubt and when your popularity status among your fellow friends is as important as it’ll ever be. Sex is a new and relatively scary idea and while you know you know nothing about it, you are convinced that everybody around you does.

A boy in the UK recently became hooked on Viagra after classmates warned him he would be “bad in bed” when he lost his virginity with his girlfriend unless he took it.

His First Start

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It all began when he started watching porn on his smartphone at age 12. A few years later, the boy became worried that would not perform up to the standards of the porn stars he had watched for the past couple of years.

“I wanted to be like the men in the clips, so I took the pill I was given,” he admitted. “I didn’t tell the girl because I didn’t want any more pressure. About 10 minutes after I took it, it started to work. I felt a bit out of control. But the girl didn’t laugh at me and that felt good, so I told her what I’d taken. She asked how soon I could get more.”