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Powerball Winners: Where Are They Now?

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Take the money and run

With the recent $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot (the highest in history), we became a nation even more obsessed with the chance of winning the lottery. With 44 states participating in Powerball, your odds of winning were next to nothing. But we all love to dream what we’d do with the money. For the very lucky few, this dream became a reality. Do you ever wonder what happened to the Powerball winners after their media frenzies died down? What did they actually do with the money? Of course it transformed lives, but not always for the better. Check out some of many stories of Powerball winners after they received their payouts.

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Find out where some Powerball winners are now!

Marie Holmes

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Source: Twitter @felloneeza

Marie was just 26 years old and was supporting four children, one of whom had cerebral palsy. She worked FIVE part time jobs at various fast food restaurants in North Carolina before she won a $564 million jackpot. “I started screaming and jumping around,” she said, according to Washington Post. “I said to my kids, ‘You just don’t understand what this means.’” Maria was able to buy her mom a house, finish her education, and care for her sick son. “I am humbled and grateful for the opportunities this has created for my family,” she said. Last year she was arrested for drug possession (a spot of marijuana) while cops were at her home to arrest a suspected gang member who violated the terms of his bond. Marie had put up the $3 million bail. Why is she friends with scrubs?!

Jack Whittaker

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Source: Twitter @tdhopper

Sigh. Jack is the dude you do NOT want winning the Powerball. He was already well-to-do before winning $315 million back in 2002. He was a West Virginia construction company president. This guy was already a millionaire! No fair! Except four years later he was broke. To add insult to injury, both his daughter and granddaughter died of drug overdoses, which Jack says would never had happened without all the extra money. “My granddaughter is dead because of the money,” he told ABC. He was also robbed in his car of $545,000 (What was he doing with that much cash in his car anyway?). “You know, my wife had said she wished that she had torn the ticket up. Well, I wish that we had torn the ticket up, too. I just don’t like Jack Whittaker. I don’t like the hard heart I’ve got. I don’t like what I’ve become.”