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Pranksters Swap Bible Verses with Quran Verses

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The Reactions

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Source: YouTube @Dit Is Normaal

As the men read the gruesome verses to people on the street, such as ones explaining women’s inherently submissive role in society, the public is visibly shocked. More importantly, they don’t seemed surprised to see that these dark passages come from the Quran, a book that the media and misinformation has led them to believe is violent and sadistic.


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Source: YouTube @Dit Is Normaal

Then the jokers pull the wolf out of the sheep’s skin, in this case, the Bible from the Quran cover. The other people are downright shocked to learn that these aggressive verses came from the Bible, a religious text held in high regards from a religion that promotes peace and forgiveness.

These reactions and the prank as a whole prove a scary truth: we’ve been led to believe that the Quran is a war-mongering book that drives Muslims to extremism, but the truth is that these small groups of terrorists and radicals are no more than minorities living among a larger, more peaceful whole

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I’m sorry to say that I wasn’t surprised by this video and the people’s reactions in the least. Having studied both Islam and Christianity, and having read the Bible and the Quran almost in their entireties, I’m aware of some of the most violent and condemning verses from the Bible as well as some of the most beautiful poetry the Quran has to offer.

Nonetheless, this video moved me to immediately share it with several friends and family members. If you agree with never judging a book by its cover — literally and figuratively — then SHARE this!