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Pregnant T-Rex Discovered

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Could This Be the Link Scientists Have Been Hoping for?

The discovery of a pregnant Tyrannosaurus rex is now shedding light onto areas of dinosaur behavior and physiology that paleontologists had previously only speculated about.

While the connection between dinosaurs and modern birds has been popular since the 19th century, the T rex fossils are the latest in a series of exciting paleontological discoveries that point to one clear fact: birds inherit their egg laying from ancient dinosaurs.

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Here’s what was found in the T rex fossils:

Perhaps the most famous dinosaur in existence, the T. rex is so well known due to its unsurpassed predatory nature as well as the abundance of fossils that have been found, with over 50 specimens identified.

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Such abundant fossil material has allowed to us to learn much more about the history and biology of the species, including habits, diet, and even reproductive tendencies. Some of these fossils have even included traces of proteins and soft tissue.

Discovered in Montana, the T rex maintained evidence of having a medullary bone, a certain physical trait that proved several important things to researchers.

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The medullary bone indicated that the dinosaur was female, and that she was pregnant at the time of her death. Only ever found in two other dinosaur fossils, scientists are familiar with the medullary bone for one major reason: