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Pregnant Teens Tell How They Broke the News to Their Parents

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There has been and always will be teenage pregnancies. With new and raging hormones, it’s not surprising that teens want to knock boots all the time. In the last few decades we’ve seen many, but sadly not all, schools teach sex ed and the importance of safe sex. Luckily young people have the anonymity of the internet to look up their questions regarding sex. But nevertheless, teens are still having unprotected sex. We’ve all seen the show Teen Mom and how those girls deal with parenting, but we never get to see how these teen parents reveal their pregnancy to their own parents. Young parents of Reddit share their reveals, which are pretty clever. But not clever enough to use a condom.

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Get ready, Gammy and Pop Pop

Dip Out

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My cousin was 19, he left a note that simply read, “Guess who are going to be grandparents.” and left for the weekend. They were not impressed. (noloco)

Snitches Get Stitches

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I told my teacher who promised he wouldn’t say anything until I had spoke to my parents… By the time I had got home from school both parents cars were on the drive (which was unusual as they finish at 5) so I knew what was coming… (dglover4)