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Pregnant Teens Tell How They Broke the News to Their Parents

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The Last Minute

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My (17 year old) friend’s parents didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. When he found out she was pregnant, and that she wanted to keep it, he just kept it a secret from his parents. Nine months later she is having the baby and he just straight up says “I’m going to the hospital.” and leaves. Ofcourse his parents are all confused and follow him only to see this girl they don’t know squeez out their grandson. (Secretly-a-Unicorn)

All the Support!

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Long time ago but, my mom cried and then told me she loved me and offered to tell my dad, who has been known to over react and have a bit of an explosive temper. He called me two hours later and asked how I was doing. I apologized profusely and he said, don’t be sorry to me, it’s your life, it’s going to be hard for you. I told him I knew I needed to do adoption and he said, hey there is plenty of time to figure that out, don’t worry about that now, it will be ok. Then he said he loved me and that was it. My parents were fucking rockstars at that moment. (prettyugly1)

The Father, the Son

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Was at church for fathers day and they asked for all the fathers to stand up. I stood up with my dad. They thought it was a bad joke (irish675)