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Protestor Throws Tomato At Trump And It’s Hilarious

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Trump’s Protestors Are Arguably One Of His Strongest Assets

Talk to any Trump supporter (literally, like, any one of them) and they’ll probably tell you that the reason they love Trump so much is because he’s not afraid to speak his mind at the cost of offending someone. He’s not really into all that “politically correct” nonsense. Because of his offensive and abrasive stands on many issues, especially when it comes to immigration, Trump’s rallies attract a much higher-than-average rate of protestors trying to throw a wrench in his game.

The problem, though, is that the protestors are really part of Trump’s game. The opportunity to publicly shame protestors and have them removed from his events only serves as entertainment to reinforce his supporter’s favorite thing about him.

Normally, Trump’s protesters don’t go too far beyond chanting, holding signs, trying to disrupt Trump’s flow, before he says “Look at these losers! Get em outta here.” However, things got a little more interesting when one protestor threw a tomato at Trump in an Iowa rally while he was on a rant about communists.

Keep reading to see the famous tomato incident and the completely unexpected aftermath!

This Protestor Had Had About Enough Of Trump’s Nonsense

At Mr. Donald J. Trump’s most recent rally in Iowa, some anti-DJT individuals showed up wearing t-shirts that sported “Heil Trumpler!” logos on the front. But when Trump’s speech (rant?) took a turn in the direction of communists ruining America, one of the t-shirt wearers decided that he’d had enough, and launched a big juicy tomato right for the Donald’s “real” hair.

Unfortunately, He Missed

The man was promptly removed from the venue, and news outlets later confirmed that the man who threw the fruit (tomatoes are NOT vegetables) at Trumo was 28-year-old Andrew Joseph Alemao. Needless to say, Alemao is now a hero in many people’s eyes.