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Protestor Throws Tomato At Trump And It’s Hilarious

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The Flying Tomato That Went Viral

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Watch the video for yourself here. Trump’s reaction is priceless — in classic Trump form, he looked completely phased, as if the whole thing had LITERALLY gone right over his head. Just smile and wave!

UP NEXT: see how Alemao is being adopted by Trump haters all over the world!

Andrew Joseph Alemao: Honorary Mexican

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Source: Facebook

After the world found out who their anti-Trump hero was, all of the different races that Trump has offended came out in support of Alemao. “You are officially a Mexican in the eyes of all my Mexicans,” one Facebook user wrote.

Honorary Black, Honorary Asian

facebook comment about andrew joseph alamao

Source: Facebook

However, one girl chimed in and noted that Alemao wasn’t just standing up for Mexicans who would suffer from Trump’s proposed policies, but that he was standing up for all cultural groups who Trump has offended.