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Psychologists Share the Most Common Things They Hear on Their Couch

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And How Does That Make You Feel?

Who do you go to when you need to talk?

Many of us rely on friends and family when at our lowest moments, hardest times, or even when we just need some advice, but what if you don’t have anyone in your life to listen? Sadly, many people feel isolated, especially in big cities, and don’t have anyone near and dear to hear them out. Even those of us with the tightest circles of friends and family might not want to share our secrets, reveal our struggles, and place our own burdens on our loved ones.

Psychologists, counselors, and therapists have been around for over a hundred years dedicating their lives to the mental health and well-being of anyone who comes into their office. And just as patients learn ways to achieve happiness and practice mental, physical, and emotional healthfulness, so psychologists learn many truths of life in return.

Mental health professionals of Reddit were asked to share the problems they most commonly hear about from their patients, and this is what they shared.

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Life lessons as told by mental health professionals!

What Is Dead May Never Die

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People don’t grieve the parent that dies. They grieve the relationship they never had with that parent. (reddit_spud)

The Movie in My Mind

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Many people are living more in the life they imagine they could have had or the one they hope to have, than their actual life. When people become self-aware of this they often report feelings of unreality and detachment. In severe cases a person might describe it as having just “woken up” into a life that formed around them, one that from their perspective only just appeared. I very often heard something to the extent of “I just feel like I’m living a life I did not AGREE to.” I consider it a silent mental illness, because while warped, it often nonetheless allows a person to go through the motions or even momentarily appease depression and anxiety. (Tia_Jamon)

‘I’ve been living my life doing what I thought I should and then I just suddenly realized, I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do. I fell like I’ve wasted so much time’. (TIAT323)