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R.L. Stine Answers Everything You Wanted to Know About Goosebumps As A Child

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An AMA Sneak Peek Into R.L. Stine’s Attic

When I was a child I could consume a Goosebumps book overnight. Much to the frustration of my mother, however, I was afraid of ventriloquist dummies, being photographed with a polaroid camera, the attic, the basement (duh), werewolves and summer camp. In other words, I was exactly like any other child obsessed with Goosebumps in the 90s. The Goosebumps series were like trading cards that made reading accessible to an entire generation, and R. L. Stein was like the creepy ghost-story-telling uncle that I never knew – a Stephen King for kids. Interestingly, even today when I meet other voracious readers my age, most of them were big fans of Stine as kids. Pre-Harry Potter generation, Stine trained us all well.

goosebumps author R.L. Stine

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Naturally Stine’s been helping to promote the amalgamated Hollywood version of his books, the one starring Jack Black, which put him in a Reddit AMA. Perfect.

Finally…all of the questions you have for the man who developed your fearful neurosis will be answered.

So this is how you sell 350 million copies of 300+ books.

He actually didn’t start out by writing scary stories.