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Rare Photos From The Set Of Star Wars

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The real R2D2

the real r2-d2

Source: imgur/ungodlydemon

Kenny Baker appeared in all six episodes prior to The Force Awakens as the lovable droid, R2D2. He also played the part of Paploo, the Ewok who stole an Imperial speeder bike.

Before there was CGI there were Jabba-bots…

Jaba robot

Source: imgur/ungodlydemon

The biggest crime boss on Tatooine was actually a one-ton puppet that took three months to construct and half a million dollars to construct and 3 people to operate. It even had its own makeup artist!

A retinue of decapitated Cantina patrons

Cantina Crew

Source: imgur/ungodlydemon

Remember no CGI here, people. This stuff was all handmade by real humans.