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Reading Project Connects New Yorkers One Page at a Time

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Along with each stack of books, Malik left his email address on a note saying “Take a book. Any book. When you finish, email the artist.”

reading 3 belen bermejo

Source: Twitter @BelenBermejo/ Daniel Yim

So far, Malik has received over 70 emails from more than 30 different countries.

Half of the beauty is that Malik doesn’t return to the original locations to check on the books, saying that hovering like that would be too similar to our controlling, addictive digital culture. “I felt much calmer, relaxed and yet more excited when I walked away from them,” he said.

Book stack locations include Central Park, Grand Central, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a park up by the George Washington Bridge. Have you found one yet?

reading 2 humanviolenceauthor

Source: Instagram @humanviolenceauthor/ Daniel Yim

“Words in a book sitting on my shelf are meaningless and lifeless to me until they are read again,” Malik said. “The people who’ve taken part in the project are now connected to me in this weird [but good] way. I’ve never seen or met them, but I know what they have read and vice versa. That’s pretty personal. Strange thing is that I’ve given a total stranger a part of me and yet, I still have it.”

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