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15 Real Life People Behind Your Favorite Internet Memes

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Overly Attached Girlfriend

internet memes overly attached girlfriend

Source: Twitter @elnacionalred

If YouTube is a millennial’s preferred way to internet stardom, then Laina Morris nailed it. Her 2012 video “JB Fanvideo,” which parodied Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend,” was an immediate hit, and not only has the video since gained over 18.2 million views, but Laina’s iconic face with her intense gaze went on to become the Overly Attached Girlfiend meme.

These days, you can still follow Laina on her YouTube page, where she produces funny videos pretty frequently.

Senior College Student

internet memes senior college student

Source: Twitter @AgeUKCroydon

Also known as Senior Freshman, this hilarious meme takes the image of an elderly woman in a college classroom participating in a lecture with text that usually juxtaposes typical college situations with jokes about senior citizens. But did you know that this woman is Nola Ochs, the Guinness World Record holder for oldest college graduate? Nola is currently 104 years old, and she rose to some fame after graduating from Fort Hays State University in Kansas in 2007 at the age of 95.

Due to media coverage, memes later started popping up in 2011, and for that reason, many of us are familiar with the kindly face (and hilarious old people jokes) of Nola today.

College Freshman

internet memes college freshman

Source: Twitter @SocialMeterUS/ LinkedIn/ Griffin Kiritsy

When Griffin Kiritsy posed for a promotional photo at the University of New Hampshire, donning a school hoodie, headphones, and a (throwback) Sidekick phone, he never imagined that his likeness would soon become a viral internet meme in 2011.

Often paired with dorky cliches about the college freshman experience, Kiritsy was identified shortly after the meme became popular. On a now defunct blog, Griffin recounted his photoshoot experience by saying, “Talk about committing social suicide as a first semester freshman. F**k me.”