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15 Real Life People Behind Your Favorite Internet Memes

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Bad Luck Brian

internet memes bad luck brian

Source: Twitter @laarepaenlínea

Perhaps the most famous meme out there, Bad Luck Brian was born from an unfortunate yearbook photo of Kyle Craven after his friend posted the picture onto Reddit in 2012. Kyle later revealed his identity in an AMA thread, clarifying that he actually has pretty good luck, like the time Seth Rogen recognized him in public.

Hipster Barista

internet memes hipster barista

Source: Twitter @MedinaAdilova/ Instagram @dustyknuckles

Hipster Barista started making rounds on the internet in 2011 via memes depicting a tattooed, scarf-wearing barista that became associated with the snobby side of the hipster culture. Not surprisingly, subject Dustin Mattson was anything but pleased, later tweeting “yeah it’s real representative of what I do to feed my family” and telling “it’s very telling on how we laud farm-to-table food, craft beer, cocktail mixology, but it’s ok to have no respect for the specialty coffee world and the people who are committed to it.” Rawr!

First World Problems

internet memes first world problems

Source: knowyourmeme/ flickr @Silvia Bottini

Stock photos are everywhere, from serious advertisements to parodies making fun of just how bad they can be. In 2011, for the already-popular theme of “first world problems,” a stock image of a woman crying was first used on Quickmeme, and the rest is history. But did you know that the woman in the meme is actually an Italian model?

Described in her Twitter about me as “First of all I’m an Actress, eventually a Makeup Artist and accidentally a #FirstWorldProblem #MEME : defenetly a Heroine! Italiana DOP,” Silvia Bottini continues her career and relishes in her internet fame.