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Real People With Work Lives MUCH More Exciting Than Yours

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Real People With Work Lives More Exciting Than Yours

Has the work day got you down? Us too! That’s why we’ve decided to start living vicariously through other people with work lives that are WAY more exciting than the average 9-to-5er. The internet is full of real stories (sometimes NSFW) from real people and the crazy things that happened to them at work. We found the craziest of the crazy when it comes to Reddit office tales, and some of them are sure steam up your work day like broccoli over boiling water.

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If you thought your job was exciting, think again…

This woman redefines the term “traffic stopper”

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Worked for a trucking/delivery company one summer. A woman got fired for,… well,.. I guess you’d call it nymphomania. She would disappear for 20 minutes pretty often without a good explanation. She got caught having sex at least 4 times that I know of (once with a customer in the bathroom, 3 times with the drivers in their trucks.) She was warned in writing to stop having sex while at work. She just couldn’t do it, the last time both she and the truck driver got fired on the spot. (picksandchooses)

This is likely action anyone in I.T. will ever see…

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Years ago, I was doing a VoIP install for medium size bank in rural area. This required extensive after-hours work to avoid disruption to the business. One night, one of the contractors was placing phones on desks and in offices to get them TAP’d and tested, when he walked into an office where the branch manager was getting railed over her desk by a guy who was not her husband. He hurriedly shut the door, and a few minutes later the guy walked out, followed shortly by the branch manager who pretended that nothing had happened. (prtyfly4whteguy)