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Real Prisoners Weigh in on What TV Has Wrong About Prison Life

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Life on the Inside

If I asked you to list a movie or TV show that took place in or around a prison, chances are you could list more than a few.

Whether a local jail, county facility, women’s prison, or maximum security, being locked up is an extremely common plot line, especially as it relates to criticizing certain aspects of society or playing with themes of freedom, rebirth, and redemption.

If you like the prison genre, you may have seen it all: jailbreaks, comedy, an overnight stay, wrongfully accused, death row, prisoners-turned-athletes, and more. Heck, you might be a regular expert on what life is like in prison.

Only wait a minute: This is all fiction. Redditors who have done time were asked to share what TV and movies get wrong about prison, and their stories paint both a brighter and more terrible picture than we’re used to seeing.

orange is the new black cast

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Here’s what it’s really like to be locked up.

Sound of Silence

black and white jail cell

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How quiet it is. In movies or TV they make it seem like it’s “happening”. It definitely isn’t happening in Prison. It’s quiet, boring and depressing. Don’t ever go to Prison. (ThaloGreen)

Depends on where you are. Where I was in Texas there were 52 man dorms and it was never quiet except for the middle of the night. Otherwise it was loud as hell. (ForgotMyFathersFace)


light coming through window prison cell

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You’re never comfortable. The chairs you sit on, the clothes you wear, and especially the beds you sleep in offer no level of comfort what so ever. It drives you nuts. (sleazylikesundaymorn)