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Reddit Page Turns People’s Pictures Into Movie Posters

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Live your life like everyone were watching.

What’s your social media following like? Are you Insta-famous? A Twitter celebrity? Or are you just yourself, garnering a few likes here and there from friends and family?

When we open up our private lives by sharing stories, pictures, and posts to social media, we are sharing intimate parts of ourselves: anecdotes, moments, and memories, often hoping that people will see, read, and appreciate them as much as we do. But will people care? Or are our biggest adventures merely another item on their crowded feeds?

The Reddit page Your Post as a Movie takes your pictures and reimagines them as thrilling Hollywood blockbusters, complete with star-studded casts and big-name directors.

movies intro

Source: Imgur/ Reddit/ Your_Post_As_A_Movie

It’s a small gesture, but one that goes to show how surprising and uplifting the internet can be.

What would your life look like as a movie?

Remember that photo of the guy who fell asleep at work that went viral a few weeks back? Here it is as a feature film.

movies 1

Source: Reddit/ Your_Post_As_A_Movie

Someone’s getting fired.

Violent Tendencies

movies 2

Source: Imgur/ Reddit/ Your_Post_As_A_Movie

Mom didn’t approve of him standing under that giant icicle, but she’d probably approve even less of this movie plot!