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Redditors Call Out the Most Overrated Films

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“‘Shawshank Redemption’. Just kidding. That film is f***ing amazing.”

Hollywood is a strange place. It churns out so many good films with beautiful visuals, great casts and interesting story lines. But it also produces over-the-top, high-budget, CG-overloaded brain candy. No matter the genre, there’s no denying that Hollywood spits out some movies that the general masses adore (or have cult followings) to the point of being obnoxious. I’d name a few of what I considered overrated, but y’all would probably burn me at the stake. We all have a list of esteemed films that Redditors just don’t understand why people love. So check out what they had to say about movies you probably worship.

still from match point

Credit: Distributed by DreamWorks Pictures

‘Match Point’ sucks. #sorrynotsorry

More like NOT in love, amirite?!

shakespeare in love

Credit: Miramax Films

Shakespeare In Love.

It’s not like it’s a horrible movie. It’s okay. I’d even say it’s pretty good.

…It won seven Academy Awards. (badgersprite)

She was just 17…

dirty dancing still

Credit: Vestron Pictures

Dirty Dancing. When you watch it as an adult, you realize how messed up their relationship is. She clings to him like she’s drowning and he’s just like “There, there, rich girl. Thanks for the sex.” (LGBecca)